How to optimize your system

  • Uninstall Google play services. (Honda Hack >> Install and uninstall apps >> Install apps online >> Google play services uninstaller).
  • Do not install too many apps, especially those that run in the background.
  • Kill background process to free up memory (Honda Hack -> Optimizations -> Free memory). For Civic & CR-V users, you can assign a customized key to this function (Honda Hack >> Steering wheel controls and key remapping >> Add key).
  • Unplug any unstable USB stick or USB cable.
  • Perform a factory data reset and reinstall everything again (HOME >> Settings >> System >> Detail information >> Factory data reset).

How to recover your system if it fails to start

Note: This tutorial is for Civic, CR-V and Clarity only.

1. Use your PC to format a USB stick as FAT32. To format a USB stick larger than 32 GiB, you may need to download MiniTool (

2. Right click this link and save it as to the USB stick.

3. Attach the USB disk to your head unit and reboot your head unit. You may need to unplug the negative terminator of the battery to force a rebooting.

4. Wait 3 minutes and the head unit should reboot into recovery mode automatically.

How to enable write access to the external USB storage on Accord & Pilot

In pro version of Honda Hack, you can enable write access to the external USB flash drive. To enable write access to the external USB flash drive on Accord & Pilot, please setup your USB flash disk according to the following instructions.

  • Download MiniTool fromĀ
  • Partition your disk into 2 MAIN partitions. Both partitions should be formatted using FAT32 file system.
  • When attached to the HU, the 1st partition of the USB flash disk is read only and the 2nd partition is writable. So you can download offline maps, songs, videos into the 2nd partition in apps.
  • You can use X-plore to copy or move files between the two partitions.