Test Version


Please open Honda Hack >> Install and uninstall apps >> Install apps online and select the latest version to install.


After rebooting the device, select HOME >> System >> Configuration of Instrument Panel, then add the Navigation page to the the instrument cluster and switch to the Navigation page using the function key on the steering wheel.

What’s new

  • Support displaying advanced meter in the instrument cluster.
  • Support displaying compass and vehicle information in the instrument cluster, such as Current driving distance, Current drive fuel consumption, Coolant temperature and etc.
  • Support displaying advanced turn-by-turn directions in the instrument cluster while using Waze on the head unit.
  • Support screen casting form the central display to the instrument cluster.
  • Assigning a custom long press function to the steering wheel buttons does not disable the original function.


If you would like to use the turn-by-turn directions from Android auto, please turn off the Enable advanced meter option. For convenience, please add a custom key to toggle this option on the fly.

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